We are fed up and angry of listening how pilgrims are fooled, because of economic or commercial interests, by people that have no respect for what the Camino is and means.

Last year we found how pilgrims were being missinformed, somewhere between Lugo and our albergue, that Ponte Ferreira was closed (being as it was the middle of the season!), so we started informing, in our blog and in our facebook site, that we were open every day, without exception, during the whole season. Today we have been informed by a pilgrim, surprised as he was for having been able to stop at our place for a sandwich and something to drink before continuing his Camino, that he had been told yesterday in Lugo that in our albergue no food was served (or any services given) to pilgrims not staying with us for the night. And of course, this couldn’t be more incorrect!


We want to use this post to ask hospitaleros of other albergues, owners and employees of bars, cafes, restaurants and other places along the Camino, that if they do not know the answer to a question made by a pilgrim, they just answer that they do not know, and do not missinform him, due to ignorance or bad will.

And we ask you, pilgrim, that if you are given information that you consider to be a little strange, do not just believe it; instead, call or email the place and ask them directly, as they are the best ones to give you the information you are looking for. It’s just too often that pilgrims walk passed our albergue and are shocked to see that we are open; they tell us that they would have stayed with us but they had been informed that we were closed, for which they stayed in the previous albergue, when ours would have been much more convenient for them because of its distance from Lugo.

We never missinform pilgrims! If we do not know the answer to a question, we suggest he/she calls the place and finds out by him/herself; we even sometimes call to find out for him/her!

As an example of this bad practice in the Camino, let us tell you something: we sometimes inform some pilgrims (if the circumstances demad so) that the next bar, a few km ahead, is closed on Thrusdays; sometimes they look at us a little suspiciously, as if they believe that we are lying to them so they purchase something to eat or drink from us; more than one pilgrim in such case has continued his Camino, expecting to get some food or drink there, and must have found that we were not lying. If there weren’t people lying and missinforming pilgrims along the Camino, there wouldn’t be that suspiction from pilgrims and they would not get these shocks.

Pilgrim, don’t let yourself be missinformed, and if you find that you have been, inform about it in public.


Buen Camino.