For many pilgrims, the Camino ends in Santiago. For many others it ends further West, at the edge of the sea, either in Fisterra or in Muxia. Some days ago I visited Muxia. I hadn’t been there since 2003, when I visited the Costa da Morte to photograph the effects of the black tide caused by the Prestige on the wildlife and population of the area; I wanted to visit the place now that it is again clean, and enjoy the Camino atmosphere that can be felt there. Here are some pics of that dusk in Muxia some days ago. I hope you like them:











I had the chance to meet Dave there: a pilgrim sat near me to enjoy the sunset, and after some chatting we found out that he had been walking the Camino Primitivo: a Primitivo pilgrim and a Primitivo hospitalero enjoying the Muxia sunset. He was ending his Camino there, after having reached Santiago, then Fisterra and then Muxia. It is amazing the relationship you can create in just about an hour of conversation. Dave, if you read this, receive our regards from Ferreira, in the Primitivo!




 Juanma, hospitalero in Albergue Ponte Ferreira