In December 13th, 2015, the Holy Door of the Cathedral of Santiago will be opened, just a week after the start of the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy year, which will last until November 20th, 2016; this will be the first time that the Holy Door is opened in a not Jacobean Holy Year (the last one was 2010 and the next one is 2021). Pilgrims of Catholic faith who access the Cathedral through this door are granted plenary indulgence.




Addtionally, the Xunta de Galicia (the Galician regional government) has announced 2016 to be the year of the Camino del Norte and Primitivo, with especial investiments and improvements to be made on these Jacobean routes. A high increase on the number of pilgrims walking the Primitive Way is thus expected next year, and so from Ponte Ferreira we advice pilgrims to try to avoid the busiest months in the Camino (July through September), trying to walk your Way in other less busy, and even more pilgrim-friendly months, such as April, May, June or October, in which you will enjoy more peaceful walking stages and even more beautiful landscapes.




Have you decided to walk the Primitivo in 2016?