New albergue in Ferreira, in the Camino Primitivo


Since a few weeks ago, the pilgrims in the Camino Primitivo have a new albergue available in Ferreira: ALBERGUE A NAVE DE FERREIRA and also at the very Camino, 26km after Lugo.




You will find it easily in the first group of houses belonging to Ferreira (A Covela hamlet), approximately 1,5km after Pacio. That is if you have taken, back in San Román’s Church, the so called “via Romana” option. If you have taken the other route (the former official one) you will also get to Albergue A Nave, but you will have walked about 2km longer and will not have walked the route that was officially accepted by the Xunta de Galicia as the official route already some years ago.


In the albergue you will find: a reception/bar area, a dining room area, a reading/resting area with couches, books, table games, etc…, four communal rooms, each with a bathroom inside, and also 9 double rooms with bathroom, also available for one person use. Of course, heating is available in the colder months, and there is wifi available for every one. Yummy warm and cold sandwiches  can be ordered from the bar or mixed salad. You can have breakfast in the morning, and a communal dinner is also offered.