We have new way markers along the Primitive Way!, at least in the part around our albergues, here in Lugo. Since a few days ago the new way markers, such as the ones that have already been installed along other Caminos, are now being installed in this area of the Primitive Way. And this means that finally, the leg of the Camino between San Román de Retorta and Ferreira is now marked. Not only this, but the workers have also removed the markers that were along the former official route, the one that went through Vilamaior de Negral and Seixalbos, which means that pilgrims will not get lost in the future trying to follow that route, which lacked any maintenance in its marking since years ago.

We prepared a blog entry about the issue some months ago, but it is now obviously outdated 🙂


New way marker situated at the very beginning of the “via romana”, in the back side of the church os San Román de Retorta. At the left you can still see in this picture the first of the markers along the former official route, which at the time of this publishing have already been removed


Workers installing one of the new markers in the area between Ferreira and Merlan, right after the church of Augas Santas


Image of the old way markers that were situated right before and after the Roman Bridge of Ferreira, once they were removed


New way marker placed before crossing the Ferreira River. Until now, the Camino crossed the river over the Roman Bridge; however, with the new way markers the Camino now crosses over another, modern bridge situated very near, so pilgrims actually can see the Roman Bridge


One of the new way markers installed along the Primitive Way, from San Román de Retorta on. At the moment of this blog entry being published they still have no shell tile, yellow paint on the arrow or kilometric distance; we hope they will finish all that within the next few days or weeks


Update (March 15th 2017): the markers now have a shell tile and the arrow painted in yellow; only the kilometric point is left for them to be finished, and we have been told by the workers that it should be done by the end of April:

Way marker with new shell tile and arrow painted in yellow

Update (April 30th): the way markers already have the kilometric point!