If you are following our blog from the beginining you might remember that the Association ADAYEUS shared a meal with us in 2014, in Albergue Ponte Ferreira. You can see the entry we did for it in our blog, in este enlace. That day they had ended a stage of their Primitive Way.

They are currently doing the French Way on weekend stages, so we were very surprised to get their call asking if they could end one of their stages, near Palas de Rei, by driving to Ferreira in their bus to have a paella with us! It would be on April 1st, our 2017 season opening day. We said we would be pleased to have them back, but this time it would have to be in Albergue A Nave, as the other albergue, besides still being closed, was not big enough to host the 55 of them.

Here are some of the few pictures we could take this time (you can see them in bigger size by clicking on them):


We hope you enjoyed your time with us this time again. See you soon!