We don’t like vandals anywhere, but even less in the Camino de Santiago, and especially on the Primitivo, which has always been a territory of authentic, Camino-loving pilgrims, for how tough and highly demanding it is. However, we are lately finding some shows of vandalism in areas of the Primitive Way near our albergues.


In late March, hardly a month after the new way markers were installed in Ferreira and the kilometers of Camino before and after it, we found the marker at the entrance of Ferreira like this:



Marker of the Primitive Way at the entrance of Ferreira, recently installed and already graffited by someone very irrespectful


And today, a few weeks after that, we have found that some one has stolen the tile with the shell from the wall of the church of San Xorxe de Augas Santas:


Vandalism in the church of San Xorxe de Augas Santas, on the Primitive Way


Closer detail of the previous image


We don’t know if it has been a pilgrim wanting to call attention or take a “real” souvenir of the Camino with him, or maybe a neighbour of the area wanting to annoy, or just someone who passed by and who can be proud of being really irrespectful and lacking any education, but we have this message for these vandals: you can graffiti your own house or that of your parents, or maybe tear out tiles from your own kitchen, but just leave the Camino de Santiago alone! Thank you.