THE ‘HOSPITALEROS’ OF FERREIRA: Paloma, Juanma and Isabel

Paloma was born in Asturias and moved to Castellón in her teenage years, where she met Isabel and became good friends. Some years later on Juanma moved from his home town of Córdoba to Castellón as well, in search of a job, and a few days later he met Paloma, and they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. And still a few years later, in the Summer of 2013, decided to embark on an exciting adventure.  The three decided to move to this little hamlet deep in the Galician countryside to run an albergue for pilgrims on the Primitive Way:  the Albergue Ponte Ferreira.

Enough talking about ourselves in the thrid person! 🙂 It happened that we fell in love with Ferreira, with Galicia, with life on the Camino and with daily contact with pilgrims, and so here we are still, now also running Albergue A Nave, waiting for you day after day to try and make your time in Ferreira and your Primitive Way an unforgettable experience!


Left to right: Isabel, Juanma and Paloma, hospitaleros of Ferreira. The photo was taken by Carlos Mencos, author of the BUEN CAMINO guide books; thanks Carlos!


Communal dinner


One of the many nice messages that pilgrims some times leave for us when they leave


Dear pilgrims: we are waiting for your visit in Ferreira!

                                                                                                                        BUEN CAMINO