The Hospitaleros of A Nave: Belén, Rubén y Grelo



Who was going to tell. While the earth rotated on itself at 1,670 km/h, orbiting around the sun at 108,000 km/h, traveling through the Milky Way at 200 km/s and accompanying our galaxy on its interstellar journey at 300 km/s, one day a spark would jump and unite us in this adventure, so different and exciting. How did we get here? we keep asking … This is our story, maybe someone will find the answer someday.


I am Belén and I have worked on  audiovisual business for more than 10 years before starting this journey. I love photography, cinema and art in general. Who knows, maybe one day I will write a screenplay with one of your stories!


Hello! I´m Rubén and I have worked as a veterinarian for 12 years. I  love  animals, literature and history.  I am looking forward to sharing some stories with you. I love to cook as well!


And I’m Grelo, I’m already 4 but still a playful one !! I love chasing balls, rolling on the grass and being pet on my chest. I adore pilgrims and I always cheer them and do my very own check-in.

And enough of talking about us! We only want to ease your rest, amuse your stay at Ferreira and, as far as possible, leave good memories in everyone who stay in our humble shelter. We are waiting for you with open arms and  hope you will enjoy our place as much as we do. Thank you for allowing this story to go on.